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Are you curious about unraveling the mysteries of reality and the essence of your true "self"? Have you ever pondered over the profound question of what it means to truly awaken? Join us on an enlightening journey as we explore these intriguing concepts, delving deep into the heart of existence and self-awareness. Discover the path to awakening and gain a deeper understanding of the world within and around you.

Private In Person 1:1 Session

To explore and experience the nature of reality directly, it's essential to engage in a process of self-discovery and mindful observation. Here are some Pointers That Will Be Explored:


1. Deconstruct Your Identity: Begin by questioning and analyzing your beliefs, assumptions, and the various identities you've formed throughout your life. This involves introspection to understand how these constructs influence your perception of reality. 


2. Perceive Reality Unfiltered: Try to see the world without the biases and filters of your conditioned mind. Practice mindfulness and presence, being fully in the moment without preconceived notions or judgments.


3. See Through Conceptual Overlays: Recognize that much of what we perceive is filtered through our conceptual understanding of the world. Challenge yourself to see things as they are, rather than what you think they should be.


4. Awaken to the Nature of Reality: Engage in practices that expand your consciousness and deepen your understanding of the nature of existence. This can include meditation, contemplative practices, or philosophical inquiry.


5. Deconstruct Physical Reality Through Sense Perceptions: Use your senses to experience the world in its most fundamental form. This means not just seeing, but observing; not just hearing, but listening. Pay attention to the details and nuances of your sensory experiences.


Remember, this journey is deeply personal and can vary greatly from one individual to another. It's about finding your own path to understanding and experiencing the nature of reality.

For inquiries regarding private, in-person sessions, please direct your correspondence to with the subject line "Private In-Person Session." Once your email is received, we will discuss and arrange the details of availability. Thank you for your interest.

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