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"I found myself at the precipice of a very deep fear one day, after watching a YouTube video of Eshwar speaking with his friend about this place of “existential fear'. I’d been watching Eshwar’s videos and could relate to his strong, simple, straightforward transmissions and knew that I could trust him to help me across this barrier. I booked a session before the fear could subside.

During our session, Eshwar listened to and then cut through my emotional drama and told me where and how to look, to see. I made an internal choice to buck up and do what he said, even though thoughts of “I can’t do this” and “I don’t understand” reared up. Then, I saw things in my visual field but my brain was doing something different. It felt like a ‘dawning’ of some kind. I felt Eshwar's profound kindness and acute presence through it all. 

I’ve known many spiritual teachers in my years and find Eshwar’s accessibility, power, authenticity, humility and non-teacherness exactly what is needed in these times.”

Blessings to you, as your expand your reach Eshwar.  



Eshwar's pointing in my 1- to- 1 was precise and crystal clear and was obvious to me that this had always been the case. I sincerely recommend these sessions as I found it very helpful in my situation of noticing my perceptual filter in the visual space.

 Ian Curzon 

Eshwar's personalized guidance, adeptly led me to unveil the illusory
nature of the 'I'. His guidance offered transformative insights into the
self, invaluable for spiritual growth.
Kind Regards,

The session with Eshwar was simple and profound. He points out directly and experientially the innocence in pure sensation, and how trusting pure experiencing allows the body to release trauma and conditioned patterns. I felt a shift after the session regarding the deep psycho-somatic shadow that had been moving through. It was a lovely support to be reminded of simply trusting my experience.


A conversation with Eshwar is not a normal conversation. It's an encounter with a force that will question directly, challenge deeply, guide clearly and sincerely help you. Be ready to have questioned the earnestness of your enquiry and some of the beliefs you think are standing on. Eshwar won't give way on what he knows to make you feel comfortable. And I wouldn't want anything less. It's rare to meet someone who can talk so straight about the journey of awakening, and point to understandings that could otherwise seem out of reach or too difficult. My conversation helped me feel that this awakening is very real and very possible and gave me clear steps to take. I was ready to be shaken but I hadn't expected such heart, generosity and support.

Thank you.


I had one call with him. Eshwar’s encouraging and relaxed, yet no bullshit approach gave me a couple things to work on that I continue to implement weeks later. As they deepen, I am reminded of him and extremely grateful for his help in no one’s journey to nowhere!


“I very much valued the time I spent with Eshwar. He is a great and attentive listener who met me exactly where I was and could relate to my story of anger and control. He gave me practical tips on how to manage the anger and not to get too bogged down with spiritual concepts and ideas with regards to where I’m at.

I would very much like to spend some more time with Eshwar when I’ve made some progress with my emotion work.”
 Michael Stezycki

“I first learned about Eshwar after hearing him on a podcast I follow, and when I found out that he was available for one hour consultations, I jumped at the opportunity.  As a student on the spiritual path, I had been looking for guidance from someone whom I felt would help nurture me on this path.  Eshwar was exactly what I was looking for.  He answered all my questions with compassion and kindness, despite the fact that the answers to these questions often transcend language.  He was able to find a way to clarify so many concepts I’d been working to understand.  I’m so grateful to Eshwar for his patience and wisdom, as I truly felt I was in the presence of an enlightened being, and it was incredibly powerful.  Thank you, Eshwar!”

 Karen M. 

"I had a zoom one to one with Eshwar and would highly recommend if you are serious about exploring your true nature. Eshwar transmits clearly and powerfully. He provided a clear empty safe space which allowed my emotion to express and be seen and felt. The peace and clarity of just what is, right now, palpably present throughout the session."


"I had the opportunity to meet with Eshwar to start the new year and I must say, he radiates peace. The instant the meeting started I could feel it. He transmits what he speaks and for my experience, it was exactly what was needed. He genuinely wants to help you navigate your path, wherever you are on it, and he has the knowledge and practical guidance to do it. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Eshwar and highly recommend anyone on this path does too."


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