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The Story

Eshwar Segobind is a spiritual seeker known for his remarkable journey towards self-realization and the profound insights he shares with others. His path to awakening is noteworthy for its swiftness, spanning less than a year from his engagement in a recovery program to experiencing a deep spiritual awakening. Eshwar emphasize the simplicity and practicality of understanding one's true nature in day to day life.


Eshwar communicates his journey with stark clarity, discussing how he came to understand the Truth as he perceives it now. He is open to engaging in conversations with those who have sincere questions and can be contacted at


In his discussions, Eshwar often speaks about the concept of "Nothing" ,"No-Self", explaining that it isn't a goal to attain or something to become. Instead, he suggests that realizing the illusory nature of existence and the idea of a separate self is crucial for spiritual awakening. Investigate and discover, what remains after deconstructing beliefs is a state of being that is everything and nothing simultaneously.


Eshwar's insights are shared with a desire for clear understanding and he often seeks to clarify what is being spoken about to ensure it is received as intended. We invite individuals to explore the depths of their existence and encourage a journey towards self-discovery. THIS is always accessible, it is NOT special. Awakening is a possibility for YOU, if YOU are willing to look.

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